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Decision: Rio – Investments 2010-2012

Decision: Rio 2010-2012 is a study of investments planned for the next three year period for the State of Rio de Janeiro, carried out in conjunction with investors. 

Its purpose is to show investment trends and present business opportunities to decision-makers in the public and private sectors, as well as broadcasting nationally and internationally the opportunities that exist in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and therefore acting as magnet for new investors to the State. 

See You tube videoclip Decision: Rio 2010-2012

If you can not watch the video, download the file here (40 Mb) 

Decision: Rio 2010-2012 is the reference study for this area, and is used as a basis for planning and decision making by private companies and public bodies, offering a complete panorama of the recent trajectory of the Rio state economy, its potential and its prospects for development. 

Decision: Rio 2010-2012 also presents a detailed analysis of investments scheduled, with information as regards amounts to be invested, potential market, business opportunities that could be created, timelines for implementation and the present stage of development of each undertaking. 

Mapping of investments on Google Earth 

Investors can also access a complete map of all the projects covered in the study using Google Earth, an innovation at international level from FIRJAN, including up-to-date photos, full descriptions and videos on the main investments underway in the State. This tool allows the would-be investor to understand the potential scope, not only because of the investment itself, but also because of the status involved, clearly showing the advantages to be gained from investing in the State of Rio de Janeiro. 

By bringing this industrial mapping to the public eye and to investors, FIRJAN System is confident that it is contributing in a positive way to the economic development of the state by attracting new investments. Investing in the state of Rio de Janeiro will no longer be simply an option, it will become a Decision. 

See below some examples of Decision: Rio Google Earth mapping.  Click on images to enlarge:

Exemple 1


Exemple 2

Exemple 3


Access the Google Earth file with the identified, geo-referenced investments in “Decision: Rio 2010-2012”

Decision Rio Investments 2010-2012    –   (PDF -  3,16 Mb)
Decision Rio Google Earth 2010-2012  –   (25 Mb) 

If you do not have Google Earth installed in your computer, you can download it free from:

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The businessperson who wishes to invest in the opportunities that will arise in Rio de Janeiro currently and in the coming years will have to count on partners that can offer the needed services and assistance. With this in mind the FIRJAN System looked to identify, in the market, companies that could contribute to the search for opportunities and the realization of new deals in the State. The Caixa Economica Federal, which offers banking services, the law office of Veirano Advogados and the real estate company RJZ Cyrela, focused on building and commercialization, all became partners of Decision: Rio 2010-2012. In the following pages can be found the services they offer as partners in the search for opportunities.


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