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Who We Are
SESI-RJ: present in the industry and the community

SESI-RJ has assumed a commitment to guarantee the exercise of citizenship by industrial workers and their families.  In order to achieve this objective, many actions are developed promote health, education, sport, recreation and cultural programs.  Besides the excellent infrastructure provided at the SESI Centers located around the state, vacation time Day Camps are sponsored as well as activities at all SESI Clubs, programs such as the Global Actions program and the Brazilian Kitchen.  
Efforts are made to promote improved health levels among the communities by encouraging industrial workers and their families to live a healthier way of life. 
SESI-RJ also focuses on stimulating socially responsible management practices in companies, contributing to increasing competitiveness and sustainable development of the country. A good example of initiatives in this area is the SESI Workplace Quality Award (PSQT).
Over the last five years, SESI has taught some 120 thousand young people and adults to read and write through the use of an exclusive methodology called SESIeduca. Two important programs were developed in partnerships with local town halls in the state – the TransFORMAR Program, receiver of an award conferred by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in recognition of its positive social impact – and a second project elaborated in conjunction with the federal government, the SESI Program for a Literate Brazil.
To improve the quality of life of industrial segment workers, SESI-RJ also launched two special programs: “Education for New Industries” and the “Healthy Industry Program”. On a volunteer basis, workers answer detailed questionnaires requesting information on their social and economic status, academic standings and health conditions.  
The results of these questionnaires provide data for the development of programs designed to improve the physical and psychological well-being of workers in the state and elaborate preventive health practices and programs as well as events focused on social responsibility, sport, culture and recreation.


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